Koen Metsu in Politico: Enough with politically correct debate: Belgium needs to stand up to terror

Door Koen Metsu op 4 april 2016

Enough with politically correct debate: Belgium needs to stand up to terror

Since the 1980s Belgium has focused on increasing social expenditures at the cost of other departments, notably internal affairs, justice and defense. We are by no means a “failed state” but it’s not unfair to say that our intelligence services have been neglected for over a decade. Only in 2010 did we enact a law that creates a legal framework for wiretapping.

The current federal government has taken steps in the right direction: We’re investing in our security forces and adopting legislation to fight terrorism more effectively. But let’s be realistic: It will take time to correct the mistakes of the past 25 years, especially if we want to implement fundamental changes, and not a patchwork of short-term solutions. It will do no one any good to hastily create a host of new laws that will be struck down by the Constitutional Court.

We know that 100 percent foolproof security is impossible. The Paris attacks, London bombings, 9/11 — none of these could have been prevented. Still, we have an obligation to critically assess how Belgium has dealt with radicalization and terrorism. That is why we are launching a parliamentary inquiry. We urgently need to assess whether there are structural issues that prevent us from making inroads in the fight against Islamic extremism.

There has been a tendency over the past years to avoid talking about contentious subjects out of fear of being politically incorrect. We need to get rid of the self-restraint and self-imposed taboos. Only a profound no-holds barred debate will give us realistic solutions to win out against terror.

- quote van Koen Metsu, voorzitter van de tijdelijke commissie terrorismebestrijding.

Uit: How to fix Belgium -- http://www.politico.eu/article/how-to-fix-belgiums-security-shortcomings...


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